Brand cucu

Multifunctional Organic Pillow - The PILLOW - Sunrise

1,800 SEK
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Long pillow made of virgin wool with organic spelt filling

Delivery Time 3 - 4 weeks

The long pillow nestles gently crackling with its grainy organic spelt fur filling. A wonderful object for the children's room and a perfect extension of CUCÚ - The BED. In the children's bed it creates a cozy and cozy athmosphere. Draped in front of the bed, it makes it easier for your child to get in and out of bed. Can also be used as a nursing pillow. Ideal for all ages. Available in four color variations, woven from different colored yarns, creating fascinating color landscapes that shimmer differently depending on the angle of view.

SUNRISE is a red-pink with yellow dots, like a shimmering sunrise


MEADOW is a turquoise-green with colored dots, like a flower meadow in springtime

SUNSET is a red with dark blue dots, like the nightfall after a sunny day

MILKYWAY is a dark blue with yellow and magenta dots, like a night sky



L 100 x W 30 x H 10 cm



The pillow cover is made of a finely woven wool fabric, the inner pillow is made of organic cotton and filled with organic spelt

The covers are made of 96% pure new wool and 4% PA. They have been subjected to strict quality tests and meet, among others, the eco-standard RAL UZ 117